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What are the main characteristics of the insertion electromagnetic flowmeter

Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of flowmeter applying Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The flowmeter is innovative on the basis of electromagnetic flowmeter, and the sensor is innovatively designed according to the principle of Top Transform. The traditional double-electrode structure is transformed into a single-electrode structure, and the other electrode is treated as a virtual electrode. The sensor structure adopts a single electrode, and the coil is placed on both sides of the electrode to control the distribution trend of the magnetic force line, so as to achieve high stability, reliability and precision measurement, and expand the sealing space of the sensor.

Features of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter products:

_Programmable low frequency rectangular wave excitation improves the stability of flow measurement and reduces power loss.

_16-bit embedded microprocessor is adopted, which has fast operation speed and high precision.

_Full digital quantity processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy, flow measurement range can reach 1500:1;

_Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for wide range of power supply voltage changes, good anti-EMC performance;

_All-Chinese menu operation, easy to use, simple operation, easy to learn and understand;

High definition backlight LCD display;

It has two-way flow measurement, two-way total volume accumulation function, and two-way output function of current and frequency.

_There are three integrators inside which can display positive accumulator, reverse accumulator and differential accumulator respectively.

Has RS485 or RS232 digital communication signal output

_has the function of conductivity measurement, which can judge whether the sensor is empty or not.

_Constant current excitation current range is large, it can be used with different companies and different types of electromagnetic flow sensors.

_It has the function of self-examination and self-diagnosis.

SMD devices and surface mounting (SMT) technology are used to improve the reliability of the circuit.

_Instrument internal design has no power-off clock, can record 16 power-off time.


Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is easy to install forward or reverse metering, and can continuously flow. On-site classes with pressure hole eliminate electrochemical interference signal. Zero self-stabilization has a variety of protection levels and installation methods. IP68 is suitable for diving installation.

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