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Classification of Metal Tube Rotor Flowmeters

Metal tube rotator flowmeter is a kind of float flowmeter. At present, many customers gradually change glass rotator flowmeter into metal tube rotator flowmeter. It has high precision, high pressure, high temperature resistance and long service life. Metal tube rotator flowmeter further improves the usability and advantages of metal tube floater flowmeter. It has the following characteristics: one-time forming of inner and outer cone tube, solid and simple measuring tube without dead angle, float can rotate easily and blockage is not easy, magnetic components are not affected by geomagnetic field. Low pressure loss design, modular, intelligent, card type indicator. After introducing the characteristics of the product, the following are some types of metal tube rotameter:

1. Common type: stainless steel material, local pointer indication, widely used.

2. Remote transmission type: with liquid crystal display, with 4-20mA signal output metal tube rotor flowmeter, can connect the signal to other places, PCL system, to achieve remote monitoring.

3. Jacket heat preservation type: metal tube float flowmeter, liquid flowing through the instrument whose temperature is higher than ambient temperature in the pipeline, because of the increase of heat dissipation surface and the decrease of temperature, will produce solidification or crystallization, which will cause poor float action; or when the fluid viscosity changes significantly due to the decrease of temperature, the jacket heat preservation type should be selected. Sometimes in order to prevent the fluid from absorbing heat from the outside, there is also a jacket vacuum to achieve insulation effect.

4. Explosion-proof type: When metal tube float flowmeter is used for explosive gas or dust, explosion-proof type instrument should be selected. There are two types of flameproof design structure and intrinsically safe flameproof design structure in China. This explosion-proof device is also mainly realized on the remote metal tube rotameter.

5. Anti-corrosion type: metal tube float flow can be divided into several materials, 304, 316L, stainless steel lined with tetrafluoride, anti-corrosion metal tube float flowmeter uses F4 parts and F40 F46 plastic lined metal parts structure design.

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